Marketing That Works !

We are passionate about ‘creating business for your business’ and in order for this to work, the marketing must be active and direct to the target audience . Using a passive approach hoping that people will contact you knowing that 99.9% wont, is simply a waste of money and a cost that is not sustainable for your business.

Furthermore, there are so many marketing options nowsdays making it far too complicated, confusing and time consuming for business owners to manage. So let us generate the leads, enquiries and tangible results based on what we think will work. Read more about what marketing services we do offer.

Social Media | Marketing

Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google My Business (GMB) very much dominate the online marketing space and this is due to the fact that you can connect directly with your prospective customers. However, its not good enough to just put a page and a few posts. It has to be properly constructed and worked on. This means an on going process of connecting, liking, posting and sharing meaningful content to the target audience. This is part of what we do and is the only way you are likely to see results.

Website | Marketing

The choices are many, varied and depend on whether you are a product or service supplier. For example, eBay, Gumtree and Trading Post Online are poplular for product suppliers. However, adverts must be visually effective and crafted to stand out. Again, adverts need to be kept refreshed or even removed and replaced to keep page rankings. Additionally, there needs to be adverts for each product or service and each of those adverts can be duplicated and listed under different locations to reach a much wider audience. This ongoing process is also part of what we do each week.

Phone & Email | Marketing

Calling and emailing product or service information to prospective customers can complement our other mainstream marketing services. However, this should not be a bulk process but more specific. We actually generate a target list for calls and follow up with emails. The call list is based on criteria including targeting specific types of customers based around their use for your product or service. It can be highly effective if we connect with the right audience. Hence the outcomes are positive and conversion rates good.

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